2018 Membership Form

The subscription to the Stowmarket BKA this year is £26. This subscription includes membership to the British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA), the Suffolk BKA county levy and minimum Bee Disease Insurance (BDI). BBKA membership provides third party and product liability insurance.

Membership Application/Renewal for 2018 Season
Title and Name
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
Membership: £ Full Member £26.00 
Junior Member £12.50 (under 18 years old) 
Country Member £10.00 (no bees)
Help / mentor / support Help offered Please indicate if you are willing to help / mentor / support any new beekeepers in your area
Help requested If you are a new beekeeper and would like to have support in your first years please indicate
Swarm Collection As a service to the public, all members are asked to offer to collect swarms. If you are willing to do this, please tick the box and your name and contact details will be included in the list given to the police, the local authorities and the BBKA
Suffolk Show 30 May
31 May
If you would like to be a volunteer in the SBKA bee tent at the Suffolk Show and are willing to work a number of shifts per day (on one or both days) please select yes to the appropriate date(s). In return, if your offer of support is taken up, you will receive parking and entry to the show. You will be contacted nearer the date of the show to confirm shifts and be provided with further information.
Bee Craft Magazine : £ Bee Craft magazine is available via the I&ES BKA for the concessionary price only if your subscription reaches our Treasurer before 15th February. This is a discount on the normal hard copy price of £28.00.
no subscription
Hard Copy £25.20 a year
On-line Digital Copy £ 16.60 a year
Bee Disease Insurance* (BDI) - Additional Insurance Premium: £ This insurance covers the destruction of bees, honey and equipment as a result of American or European Foul Brood. You must insure for the maximum number of colonies you may have during the 2018 season - allowing for splitting and for swarms hived. Insurance for the first 3 colonies is included in the subscription
1-3 colonies (already included in membership) £0
4-5 colonies £2 
6-10 colonies £5.25
11-15 colonies £7.75
16-20 colonies £9.50
21-25 colonies £11.10
26-30 colonies £13.60
31-35 colonies £16.10
36-39 colonies £18.10
Larger number of hives  - Please check with our Treasurer  
Bee Health
It helps us all if you will allow the Bee Inspectors to help you combat bee diseases. A useful first step is to let us give them your contact details.
If you are NOT ALREADY REGISTERED and agree to your data being passed to the National Bee Unit (NBU).
Passing these details to the NBU does not mean you will be automatically registered on BeeBase, their website; you are strongly encouraged to register there yourself. This is an excellent free taxpayer-funded service. The NBU abides by the Public Service Guarantee on Data Handling.
Total: £ If your browser cannot get the auto calculation, please manually enter the amounts into all boxes.

I agree that Stowmarket & District Beekeepers’ Association can store and process the information provided on this form for my membership as documented in our INFORMATION HELD AND SHARING document

Once you agree with the information please submit the form. An email copy of this submission will sent to the email address supplied in the form.

Payment - Bank payment to Stowmarket BKA with your surname as reference (bank details: sort code 30-98-23 a/c 31718960) or make a cheque payable to:Stowmarket & District Beekeepers’ Association and send to SDBKA Treasurer, Badley Bridge Barn, BADLEY, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP6 8RJ

*BBKA insurance (a part of BBKA membership) gives third party liability and product liability cover with a £10,000,000 limit of liability.

You will have BDI cover from the date of our Treasurer’s receipt but, if your premium is paid after 31st March, the insurance will not start until 40 days later. Compensation (subject to condition). Current compensation:

BS brood frame £2.35
All other brood frame sizes £3.20
BS shallow frame £1.70
All other shallow frame sizes £2.35
Saleable honey (40lb max) £2.50/lb
Wire QX £17.10
Slotted steel QX £6.90
Plastic QX £3.80
Open mesh floors £10.00

Subject to Condition – Excellent-as New, Good or Poor. No other property will be paid for. e.g. hive bodies are not covered. Top bars for TBH/Warre hives will not be included under “Any other frame size”. Compensation for destruction due to Small Hive Beetle incorporates a hive allowance. If claims have been made in the previous two consecutive seasons compensation will be reduced by 25%. If claims have been made in the previous three consecutive seasons compensation will be reduced by 50%. The maximum compensation payable to an individual is £2,500 in any one year of insurance


Data protection rules are changing although they will not really change the way that the information that you send to us is shared. From May 2018 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will become law. These regulations require that you only receive information that you want and you must specifically authorise us to pass on to others the information you give us. For instance, you will receive the newsletter and correspondence from the Secretary and your data will be sent to BBKA, for registration, and to BDI, for insurance. If you have ticked the appropriate boxes on the subscription form, your information will be sent out accordingly to HMRC, Beecraft, Bee Health, the Suffolk Show organisers and the swarm list coordinator. If you object to this, please email our local Association Hon Secretary.